Jakadalla The Ohangla Star Celebrates 10 Years in Music Industry

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Over the weekend, the renowned Ohangla sensation Musa Jakadalla captivated a packed audience in a spectacular sold-out performance. The Greenspan Mall Grounds were filled with Ohangla enthusiasts and people from diverse backgrounds. Coming together for an evening of music and celebration.

Musa Jakadala, born Moses Odhiambo Obok in 1989. He is a Kenyan singer and dancer hailing from Ugenya Ugunja. His music, marked by the hit “Hera Remo,” has gained widespread popularity on social media platforms like Boomplay. Starting in 2010 with Blaxe African Band, he ventured solo in 2013 after the success of “Nyar Alego.” He formed his own group and overcame early challenges to become a dominant figure in the Ohangla music scene. Jakadala’s universal appeal lies in his Dholuo-infused vibes and captivating beats, making his music accessible beyond language.

The occasion marked Jakadalla’s impressive decade-long journey in the music industry. Drawing the presence of fellow artists, collaborators, and peers who gathered to honor the celebrated music icon on a special night.

In a joyous moment, Jakadalla seized the opportunity to introduce his latest 9-track extended play (EP) titled “Kadallas Experience EP.”

Entered the music scene with the explosive debut hit “Nyar Alego” in 2013. Jakadalla showcased his skill, prowess, and musical brilliance. Fans were treated to a lively experience as they danced to some of his other major hits, Including “Hera Remo,” “Asayi,” and ” Helena Mama.”

A standout track from his latest EP is “Nde tu Nde,” a reimagining of a well-known Nyanza nursery rhyme. Skillfully modernized and adapted to resonate with contemporary audiences.

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Attended by a multitude of Jakadalla’s devoted fans. The event also drew the presence of notable Benga singer Prince Indah, along with Emma Jalamo, Elly Toto, Roy Thunder, Elvis Kadori, and other luminaries.

Demonstrating mastery as a singer-songwriter. Jakadalla’s latest EP is brimming with songs that explore various aspects of life, covering themes such as love, heartbreak, societal reflections, enjoyment, and beyond.