Biggest Floating Book Fair, Ship MV Logos Hope, Reaches Mombasa

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The Biggest Floating Book Fair, the MV Logos Hope has made its way to Mombasa, Kenya, offering book enthusiasts in the region a 45 days opportunity to indulge in its extensive collection

On Tuesday, the 132-meter long floating library, operated by the German non- profit organization GBA Ships, arrived in Mombasa with around 350 people aboard.

The ship arrived in Mombasa 18 years after its sister vessel, Duolos, visited Kenya in the year 2005

The world’s largest floating book fair, as it arrives in Mombasa.

The floating library is operated by a team of volunteers from more than 60 countries. It houses a collection of over 5,000 books. Additionally, it offers amenities like an international café, a visitors desk, and a welcoming area.


In collaboration with KPA, Inchcape, the Mombasa County government, and the Kenya Tourism Board, the MV Logos Hope’s visit to Kenya has been coordinated. This visit coincides with Kenya’s Recent hosting of several cruise ships.

Captain William Ruto, the Managing Director of the Kenya Port Authority (KPA), warmly received the ship’s arrival. He emphasized its importance, not just for the Mombasa port, but for the entire country.

Individuals aged 3 to 60 can access the ship by paying a nominal fee, granting them the opportunity to explore its diverse offerings. These include books covering a wide array of subject such as science, sports, hobbies, cooking, arts, medicine, languages and faith.

Upon arrival, visitors can delve into the Logos Hope’s history via a concise video and engaging interactive display in the welcome zone. Furthermore, they are welcome to experience the ship’s onboard café’ for refreshments.