A Comprehensive Review of the OnePlus Open Foldable Smartphone

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Dive into the future of smartphones with the OnePlus Open Foldable. This groundbreaking device redefines flexibility and resilience in the world of mobile technology. In this review, we explore its innovative features, rigorous durability test, and overall user experience. This positions it as a standout in the foldable smartphone arena. Join us on a brief journey into the unfolding possibilities of the OnePlus Open.

Zack from the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything recently subjected the OnePlus Open. OnePlus inaugural foldable smartphone, to his customary durability test.

As expected, the cover display features a glass surface that, like all glass material, exhibits scratches at level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, with more pronounced grooves at level 7. The internal screen, typical of other foldable displays, is protected by a plastic layer that shows scratches at level 2 and deeper grooves at level 3.

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OnePlus Open

The phone’s edges are verified to be crafted from aluminum, and it appears to possess a reasonable level of dust resistance. The external display endures approximately 25 seconds when exposed to an open flame before the pixel transitions to a white hue, a typical response for OLED screens. In contrast, the plastic screen protector on the inner panel succumbs to burning in about five seconds.

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In the conclusive bend test, the phone proves resilient to bending from either direction when in a folded state. Impressively, it withstands bending even in the opposite direction when in an open configuration. Although it doesn’t fully revert to its original shape after such strain. It maintains 100% functionality.

OnePlus has faced challenges in the previous bend tests. Making it particularly gratifying to witness the resilience of what many might perceive as its most susceptible device to such assessments. This outcome serves as a reminder that reality can often defy expectations and bring surprises.