Kenya Kickstart Victorious Journey in Trinidad and Tabago Commonwealth Youth Games

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The Kenya Athletic squad embarked on a remarkable beginning at Trinbago 2023 Commonwealth Youth Games. Janet Chepkoech and Nancy Cherop played a pivotal role in solidifying Kenya’s supremacy in the woment’s 1500 meters event by securing victories in the first and second heats.

The Male counterparts mirrored this achievement, as Josephat Sang and Adrew Kiptoo effortlessly sailed to triumph in their respective heats, securing their places in the finals.

Cyclist Daniel Kiptala and Billy Graham showcase unwavering determination in their road race, engaging in a spirited battle that culminated in a thrilling photo finish, securing the 14th and 15th position respectively.

Continuing their winning streak, the girl’s rugby team secured their second victory in consecutive matches. They dominated the host, Trinidad, with a resounding 48-0 victory, only to face a defeat against Australia with a score of 45-0 in their second match of the day.

Later today , the young Lionesses are set on Canada in the final match of the round-robin tournament.

In the Para-athletic category, Faith kavithi secure a spot in the final after clinching fourth place in the T35 women’s 100m . unfortunately, her final race was cut short due to a trip and fall.

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Randy Odhiambo advance to finals in the T28 men’s 100m semifinals and secure a seventh-place finish.

Turning to Swimming, Sara Mose achieved a personal best in the both the women’s 50m backstroke and 50m freestyle events, while Aker Mutinda accomplished a similar milestone in the men’s 50m butterfly and 100m freestyle.