Somalia is now a member of the East African Community

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On Friday, Somalia officially became the eighth member state of the East African Community by signing the Treaty of Accession.

On December 15, the Treaty of Accession was signed by Somalia’s President Sheikh Hassan Mohamud and President Salva Kiir Mayardit of South Sudan. Who serves as the chairperson of the Summit of EAC Head of State. The ceremony was held at Entebbe State House in Uganda. It was witnessed by President Yoweri Museveni and EAC Secretary-General Peter Mathuki.

“By Somalia joining the EAC we have a major boost in the integration particularly in the regional and continental trade under the AFCFTA,” said President Kiir.

The ceremony held today symbolizes the shared commitment of Somalia and the East African Community to unite in the spirit of African solidarity for the mutual benefit of our respective populations. On behalf of the EAC Heads of State Summit. I extend a warm welcome to Somalia as it officially joins the East African Community.

He also noted that Somalia is becoming a part of a regional economic bloc that has achieved notable success. Across all its four pillars of integration including the customs union, common market, monetary union, and political federation.

President Muhamud has pledged to actively support the integration process. Aiming to enable his people to benefit from the advantages of unhindered movement of goods, people, and services between Mogadishu and other partner states.

“Today is a day of immense pride as we celebrate Somalia’s admission to the EAC. This community is where Somalia belongs to. It symbolizes the realization of our collective aspirations. It is a beacon of hope for a future filled with opportunities,” said President Mohamud.

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“The integration of Somalia will enhance people-to-people connections. Providing various benefits to East Africa. The people of Somalia are already present and today marks a symbolic rebirth for legitimacy and legalization.”

President Museveni called for the strengthening of free trade within the bloc.” I ‘m glad that the East African region is assembling and regrouping like it used to be before the colonial divide. I congratulate Somalia for joining the EAC. Somalia has already joined the EAC. I’m sure if you go to Mogadishu, you will find Kenyan goods in the shops,” said Museveni.

Dr. Mathuki stated that Somalia has a six-month window to submit the instruments of the Treaty of Accession to the EAC headquarters. Following this, the integration roadmap for Somalia into the EAC will commence. Dr. Mathuki assured that the secretariat is prepared to facilitate Somalia’s integration, expressing the desire to witness the community’s expansion.